Jagcare III. The definitive guide to caring for your Jaguar.

By Gregory Andrachuk


This is the third edition of Jagcare, which like the first, specifically refers to the Series I through III cars (1969-1992). Its purpose is to provide the owner of the XJ saloon with a handy guide to authenticity, and to the upkeep of these fine automobiles. Much of the information is applicable to any car, of course, and particularly to any Jaguar or Daimler. Owners of XJS models of the 1970s and 80’s will also find this booklet useful as these cars shared many components and characteristics with the XJ saloons. […]
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F-type Boot Capacity

Stephen Loyd sent the following post:

As you probably know the F-type has been the butt of some levity surrounding the capacity of its boot.

Well, I’m here to say it has done just fine in providing enough space for my wife and I to take a multi-week road trip to drive Historic Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier.  Besides that, we both drove home from California to BC and I also made the drive outbound to Chicago with a buddy, where our wives flew out to meet us.  For me the whole trip was just shy of six weeks including four with my wife, Debi.  Overall, it was over 10,000 km. BTW, mechanically the Jaguar performed flawlessly in weather between freezing and 46 C.

Here is what we had in the boot, as shown in the photographs:

  • 2  (1 each) standard aircraft maximum carry on size suitcases.
  • 1 small cooler with a cutting board (for picnic activities)
  • 1 men’s shaving kit
  • 1 package Tide laundry soap capsules. We each had enough clothing to go eight days without needing a laundry opportunity.
  • 1 portable coffee maker with a bag of Starbuck’s ground coffee and filters.
  • 1 Bose portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 small packing cube containing a pair of men’s dress shoes
  • 1 red zipper case of various electronic necessities (device chargers etc.)
  • 1 iPad mini
  • 1 Microsoft Surface Pro laptop/tablet computer
  • 1 larger packing cube with a seasonal change of ladies’ wear.
  • 1 small packing cube containing a men’s down vest for the colder leg to Chicago
  • 1 bag of Triscuits (to go with snacks from cooler)
  • 1 bag of microwaveable popcorn.

The other photo shows it all packed up. There was often a bottle of bourbon in there too!

So, as you can see, the boot of an F-Type has all the room a seasoned traveler really needs J  Both my wife and I are long time ‘road warriors’, having pursued careers in consulting.

Cheers, Stephen