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Victoria Hospice is honoured to have been chosen as the charity-of-choice for the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria. Since 1980, Victoria Hospice has provided end-of-life care focused on palliative treatment. Hospice nurses, counsellors, spiritual caregivers, physicians and trained volunteers provide comfort for patients and support for their families, rather than a cure for progressive and life-limiting illness.

We provide care both in the community, in people’s homes, and in our 17 in-patient beds. On any given day, over 400 people in our community are registered with our Hospice program. Many people choose to be cared for at home, close to family, friends and familiar surroundings. A special part of our home care is the Palliative Response Team (PRT), a unique 24-hour on-call service that provides short-term crisis consultation and treatment for problems that might otherwise require admission to hospital. PRT is also available to help support death at home.

Our 17-bed in-patient unit, located at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, is as home-like as possible and includes a family lounge, kitchen, meditation room, solarium and a rooftop garden.

The diagnosis of a serious or life-limiting illness can have profound effects on a person, as well as on the person’s surrounding family and friends. Suddenly, life and death can take on important new meanings. The challenge of facing such a diagnosis involves living with uncertainty while still wanting to maintain meaningful control over whatever may lie ahead.

At Victoria Hospice, we help people find a way through the overwhelming emotions and practical realities of coping with a life-limiting illness … to reach a level of acceptance that allows them and their loved ones to make the most of whatever time remains.

It’s about living with an illness, rather than dying from an illness.

Generous support from individuals, businesses and organizations in our community help to fund roughly half of Victoria Hospice’s program costs. To make a donation, call 250-519-1744, click the Hospice logo, or visit

Please donate. Thank you for your gift.

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