Dear Member,

Like all of you I’m sure, the club Board of Directors and I have been following the rapidly escalating developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic with the activities of the club in mind. The Board has accordingly come to the conclusion that this public health crisis has reached the point where our club policies regarding our planned activities required adjustment in the face of the current situation and expected future developments and associated timelines for the progression of this public health threat. Added to this is the consideration of the demographic make-up of our membership related to the increased threat level to differing age groups. In addition, beyond the direct risk posed to club members, is the potential collateral impact of our activities upon family members at home who may be at higher risk – a concern that I personally share. In the final analysis as a hobbyist club nothing we do is in the essential activities category and out weighs the balance of risk to benefit. Indeed, as a result of the above the Board has taken the approach of adopting an even higher level of caution in this respect than current official health advice. In light of these circumstances it is clear that we as a club must take active measures at this point to limit any potential risk and make our contribution to what is now a society-wide effort at the reduction of the negative impact during this health crisis in the hope of accelerating a return to a normal situation.

In that context the Board has adopted the policy that all JCCV meetings and club activities be held in abeyance for a period of the next 30 days with board review before the close of that period for the following 30 days in consideration of the situation extant at that time. This policy will be in effect for the duration of the current COVID-19 health crisis until such time as BC Health authorities judge a return to normalcy.

This may allow for a staged return to our full roster of activities as the situation warrants. Case-by-case consideration may be given to the conduct of activities such as the scheduled prowls depending on the interest and willingness of members to participate in those at their individual discretion and whether they involve any significant gatherings. With respect to our planning for events, and most especially JOTI 2020, these activities will continue with the caveat that cancellation or restrictions due to COVID-19 conditions be applied in all cases. As to the conduct of Board of Directors and event planning committee activities; those activities will transition to electronic means immediately via email, telephone and where necessary limited face-to-face meeting as judged appropriate at the discretion of the members so involved. In that regard, I have been informed that the JCNA Board and AGM activities in La Vegas have been cancelled and will be conducted as mentioned above via remote means. While this policy is in effect all possible efforts will be taken to keep the club membership advised of developments regarding club activities and events through our various means of communication. We are all adapting to the realities of this situation and with new words such as “social distancing” entering our common every day lexicon. To quote a famous British saying it is time to: “Keep Calm and Carry On” as best we can while adjusting to the new reality we are facing.

For the general information and reference of all club members I include the following links to the BC Center for Disease Control and Government of Canada COVID-19 websites.

Government of Canada COVID-19:

Wishing you and yours be kept healthy and safe in the days ahead and looking forward to the resumption of our full club activities as soon as possible.

Paul Seguna
JCCV President