thoughts on “Social

  1. So glad to see so many folks successfully using the website to register.

  2. Four members of the Moyse family will attend the Father’s Day picnic 2016. Thanks

  3. Brian Evers and Barbara Driver will attend Father’s Day picnic and would like to order lunch.

  4. The page says that this event is fully booked, but assuming that this is not the case, could someone please put us down for 2 lunches. Thanks. Terry & Carol McGinty

  5. Not sure if you got our lunch request – but in case not, Graham and I would like 2 lunches please. Thanks, Anne.

  6. I’m confused as to how to order lunches but if this works please reserve two lunches for John Robinson

  7. Well done Graham. My son and his family will hopefully be in town then, so if so we won’t be able to make it.

  8. where is the wine, women and wheels going to be located?
    I know when but I don’t know where….
    thanks Shelley

  9. I have being trying to change (edit) my email address on the profile page but nothing happens. Is there something not working or am I doing something wrong?

  10. Always a enjoyable event! Nice to hear each new member give their brief Jaguar back story.

  11. I am sorry I am unanle to attemd the new members dinner oct 25th. About 2 months ago I started organizing this 70th birthday celebration for a fiamily member so I have to go to that. I hope you all have an awesome time & I will be thinking about all of you & wishing I was there. Betty Baird.

  12. It’s well worth the visit to the castle at Christmas. Lots of memories there. How many of those same toys did you have?

  13. You can keep all your ?-Pace toasters. Give me one of these please. A real car.

  14. wondering where the dinner/ brunch will be held ? or a description of the upcoming event July 27-30. cheers

  15. For all the information you need, just click on the link in the event listing.

  16. Hoping to be there with the S Type. Look forward to seeing you there. Will be coming down from Parksville.

  17. Great, great video and equally great music. Must have cost the club a fortune to commission this highly professional production.