Jagcare III. The definitive guide to caring for your Jaguar.
By Gregory Andrachuk

This is the third edition of Jagcare, which like the first, specifically refers to the Series I through III cars (1969-1992). Its purpose is to provide the owner of the XJ saloon with a handy guide to authenticity, and to the upkeep of these fine automobiles. Much of the information is applicable to any car, of course, and particularly to any Jaguar or Daimler. Owners of XJS models of the 1970s and 80’s will also find this booklet useful as these cars shared many components and characteristics with the XJ saloons. […]
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Questions? Contact JCCV Founding Member Gregory Andrachuk who would be glad to help with any aspect of your SIII/Jaguar.

Gregory’s V12 VDP 1992 (92/100)