(With apologies to Robert W. Service)

It was always fun on a Jag Club run
And the cars were great to see.
So whenever I’d go, I was proud to show
My classic red XKE.
Now the Northern Lights have seen strange sights
But the strangest they ever did see
Was that winter night, ‘neath a moon so bright,
When I sold my XKE.

‘Twas my pride and joy, but too pricey a toy…
Completely restored by me.
Still I was quite sad when he answered my ad
And wanted to have a look-see.
With his white hair and beard — I know it sounds weird —
He looked so familiar to me.
He had twinkling blue eyes and was portly in size.
Would he fit in the XKE?

He looked under the hood and said, “That looks good….
A real Concours champ, I can see.”
We agreed a fair price and he said I was “nice”
As he paid for the XKE.
I gave him the keys and he slid in with ease.
The engine rumbled and roared.
Then to my surprise, before my own eyes
Into the sky he soared.

No! It couldn’t have been. I could not have seen
Him flying that XKE.
But on Christmas Eve (it’s hard to believe)
As I decorated the tree,
From up on the roof came the rumbling proof
That it was what it just couldn’t be!
It was Santa himself, that jolly old elf,
Gifts piled high in a red XKE.

Now, Reader dear, I greatly fear
You’re having a laugh at me.
But I promise you, every word is true.
In the northern sky you can see —
When the moon is out and a distant shout
“Ho, Ho, Ho” drifts down from on high —
Not a shooting star, but a red Jaguar,
Slaloming through the sky.

When all’s said and done, XKEs are great fun
And everyone’s favourite car.
So it’s no surprise that in Santa’s eyes,
It topped his “wish list” by far.
While good girls and boys get some wonderful toys
That year, under Santa’s own tree
Was his gift to himself, that fun-loving elf:
A classic red XKE.