Prowl Guide

Jaguar Car Club of Victoria
Guide for Prowl Organizers

Our club members all agree that the monthly Sunday Prowls are one of the most
enjoyable activities of the Club. So a big thank you for agreeing to plan and co-ordinate
a Prowl on behalf of the Club.

To help with your planning, here is a general outline with some suggestions. Feel free to
use as much (or as little) as you wish.

1) Date: First Sunday of the month (generally).
Time: Meet at 10:30am for 11:00am drive-off.
Place: Your choice. (Often at Tillicum Mall or Spencer Road Shell Station or any
location you feel would be a good starting point.)

2) Prowl to place of interest: Your choice as to the roadways to be traveled
and end location. You will need to prepare these traveling details and/or a map and
prepare a suitable number of copies for participants.

3) Lunch: Locate a suitable restaurant that can accommodate participating club

4) Growler notice: Prepare, on your computer, a brief announcement with the
above information and any other points of interest relating to your Prowl. You can
dress the notice up with clip art, a border or anything relating to the theme of your
Prowl. Remember to put your name, email address and/or phone number on the
notice for RSVP purposes. (You will need the numbers attending to advise restaurant
well in advance.)
You will need to submit the Prowl notice over a full month before
your Prowl date. (i.e. the March Prowl is to be submitted by the end of January for
inclusion in the February edition of the Growler.) Submit this notice to the editor of the
Growler by email for inclusion as an ”Announcement” and also as a Scheduled event.

5) A week or so before the Prowl, prepare an email reminder and send it to our Club
Webmaster for an email blast to Club members.

6) Remember to have a helper (or yourself) take several photos of the Prowl from
beginning to end.

7) Submit these photos by email along with a brief written review of the Prowl to the
editor of the Growler soon after the Prowl.

These pointers are just suggestions for the standard Prowl. You may vary as you see
fit. These outings are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, so remember to relax and
have fun as well!

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