Prowl Guide

The first three Steps of a Prowl

Organizing a prowl is an easy three step process:

  1. Destination: Find a place of interest or simply make your favourite museum or winery the destination (think of a scenic route
  2. Lunch: If the destination does not offer food services, find a restaurant/eatery
  3. Invite the membership: send the prowl info like meeting/starting point and time, destination, and possible costs involved (if the lunch is pre-orderd), link to the restaurant/destination, RSVP necessary?, etc.) to Malcolm Baster, Peter Rowand, Telse Wokersien for inclusion in the Growler, Facebook, the website. Done.

Things to consider:

Date: Generally the first Sunday of the month.
Time: Depending on length of drive, around 10:30am for 11:00am drive-off.
Meeting Point: Your choice (often at Tillicum Mall or Spencer Road Shell Station or any
location you feel would be a good starting point).
Restaurant: Usually needs to be advised of numbers attending in advance (numbers to be confirmed a few days before the event)
Photos: Remember to have a helper (or yourself) take several photos of the Prowl for inclusion in our publications

These pointers are just suggestions for the standard Prowl. You may vary as you see
fit. These outings are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, so remember to relax and
have fun as well!

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